Simple Spring Green Smoothie
Simple Spring Green Smoothie
This smoothie is simple, packed with anti-cancer nutrients like quercetin and isothiocyanates, and tasty too.

I added hemp seeds to make it more balanced because hemp is a complete source of plant-based protein, and will help to promote satiety.

I made this smoothie for breakfast, and it really energized me for the day.


  • ۱ cup (250 ml) almond milk/unsweetened

  • ۱ pear/cored

  • ۲ leaves kale

  • ۲ tbsp hemp seeds

  • ۱ tsp honey (optional)


  • Wash and prepare ingredients.

  • Add ingredients to the blender and blend on high for 45-60 seconds or well-blended.

  • Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories ۲۵۰
Fat ۱۱g
Saturated Fat ۰٫۵g
Cholesterol ۰mg
Sodium ۲۱۰mg
Carbohydrates ۲۹g
Fiber ۲g
Sugars ۴g
Protein ۱۱g

Yields and nutritional information are estimated and will vary depending on produce size and equipment used.

Original Article : Rebootwithjoe

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